A growing number of retirees are living alone, either because their spouse has passed away and or their children and grandchildren live in different areas of the country. It is for this reason that many in the 55+ age group are choosing to relocate to senior living communities such as Mariposa where they will enjoy a robust social atmosphere with superior communication.

About Our Superior Communication with Residents and Families

Our team employs a simple but effective communication philosophy, which consists of two-way correspondence where both the speaker and listener will enhance the manner in which they converse with one another and the ability to adjust to the limitations that many elders face such as hearing impairments.

Benefits of Having Superior Communication With Residents And Families in Your Retirement Community

Aside from using assisted hearing tools to enhance communication, we also utilize basic techniques such as talking with residents in quiet rooms, especially those that have hearing challenges. Each staff member at Mariposa is trained to communicate with residents using a variety of novel strategies.

The messages we deliver are not only easy to understand but are provided in a professional manner which builds credibility. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of nonverbal communication and will often use this to convey things that are not always simple to translate into words.

Research has shown that retirees who remain connected with open communication lines enjoy a number of wellness benefits and have a reduced rate of contracting diseases as well as depression, and will even enjoy superior cognitive health and mobility with greater longevity overall.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Those who are advanced in age will sometimes manifest difficulties performing simple things such as reading, hearing, writing, or general communication. This can make it frustrating for both themselves and those around them including loved ones. These communication difficulties arise from many causes but are usually the result of either mental or physical deficiencies. There are various medical conditions that can make it difficult for one to communicate normally.

Communication challenges could also arise as the result of different viewpoints, ideas, and the fact that elders come from an earlier generation with different norms and expectations. Those that are suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia are the hardest to communicate with and require assistance from individuals who are professionally trained to communicate with them.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

Our staff at Mariposa are patient, empathetic, compassionate, and trained to communicate with both active retirees as well as those who are suffering advanced conditions such as dementia. They can assist them with speaking and communicating, and we work with therapists that can help elders develop their communication skills. This combined with our quiet, pleasant, and comfortable environment ensures that those who become members of our community will have access to the best care that the industry offers, with a team that is dedicated to them and their needs.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.