Solitary living may bring concern and uncertainty at any age, but especially for retirees who are advanced in age. While this lifestyle brings maximum independence, it also creates a scenario where elders living alone may be unable to call for help in the event of an injury or accident. It is for this reason that Mariposa prioritizes the creation of a secure living environment for those that relocate to our community.

About Our Secure Living Environment

Mariposa is a master-planned community that was designed for those in the 65+ age group. Our architects, designers, and construction team recognize that hallways and living rooms, in particular, are often high traffic spots that pose various safety issues for elders and as a consequence, we have built these rooms with safety in mind, along with every other area.

Benefits of Having Secure Living Environment in Your Retirement Community

There are a number of steps we’ve taken at Mariposa to ensure a secure environment at all times, and these include:

  • Keeping fire extinguishers on each floor
  • Ensuring every stair rail is sturdy
  • The removal of mobile rugs
  • Using walking aids that fit properly
  • Avoiding the use of slippery wax on surfaces
  • The removal of all electrical cords in passageways
  • The inclusion of handrails in bathrooms and showers

The kitchens are another area that we’ve designed with safety in mind for elders. For instance, every appliance is clearly marked with an indication of the off and on switches or buttons; we regularly check the expiration dates of food in storage, ensure that any cleaning products or chemicals are kept away from food, and verify that the floors are dry and free of clutter. Our staff is also trained to never place sharp objects such as knives or razors in drawers where they can cut the hands of residents. This attention to the small details is what makes Mariposa such a great place to live.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Our senior living community is ideal for active retirees that want to live in a community where they can socialize with others of the same generation while having staff on hand to come to their aid in the event of an emergency.

Our staff will leave on some of the lights at night so that residents can move about both indoors and outdoors without running into things or tripping and falling, and faucets are clearly marked. Additionally, we manage water temperatures to ensure that they never rise above one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit and the bottoms of tubs and showers are constructed with non-skid surfaces.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

At Mariposa, our attention to detail and safety is unrivaled. We’ve installed a state-of-the-art healthcare alert system that will allow residents to call for help in the event that they develop a medical emergency or fall and it remains on their person at all times. This gives both residents and their family members peace of mind in knowing that they will always be cared for by trained and caring personnel.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.