Considering moving into a senior living community, but holding back because you may not be able to bring your beloved pet with you? If so, you can put all these worries to rest when you make Mariposa your senior living community of choice. We are happy to welcome any pets that are not loud or aggressive as we believe in the positive impact pets can have on our residents’ lives. Our friendly community does not just stop at extending a warm welcome to our residents and their families, but their pets as well.

About Our Pet Friendly Retirement Community

At Mariposa, we strongly believe that pet ownership comes with positive effects for our residents. In fact, anyone, young or old, can greatly benefit from having a pet. To this end, we encourage you to bring your furry friend along when you move in with us! Keep in mind that pets will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and certain exotic species are strictly not allowed, regardless of the circumstances. If you have a small cat or dog, we will carry out an evaluation to determine that they will not pose a disturbance to others. Once your pet has passed the test, they are all good to join you on moving day!

Benefits of Having A Pet Friendly Environment in Your Retirement Community

There are many benefits our residents can enjoy from having a pet friendly environment:

  • Instill a sense of purpose and responsibility in residents
  • Offer companionship to residents, which can help with the negative effects of social isolation
  • Encourage bonding and interaction between fellow residents over their pets
  • Promote physical activity when attending to the responsibilities of pet ownership
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Moving into a senior living community can be a huge change in your life. We understand that it can be a highly emotional decision to make, but doing what’s best for you should always come first. When you can bring your pet along with you, there’s no more reason to hesitate. Living alone can result in social isolation, particularly if you have mobility limitations or have stopped driving. Being stranded at home can also be terrifying should an accident happen, with no one on hand to render immediate assistance. At Mariposa, you can truly have it all in one place.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

Our resort-style atmosphere and amenities at Mariposa are just one of the many reasons our residents love living here. From a well-stocked library and auditorium for live shows to a senior-equipped fitness center and lush outdoor spaces, you will soon come to see our welcoming community as home. Our compassionate team members are always ready with a warm smile and to provide a helping hand when it is needed. Join our community today and discover the difference we can make to your or your loved one’s quality of life!

To learn more about living in Mariposa, contact us or call us at 561.332.4899 today.