Our Retirement Community is Nationally Recognized for Our Approach to Memory Care

DSL-SHINE-Memory-Care-Logo_April2020-webHere at Mariposa, we understand that dementia has its ups and downs and the burden it can place on them and their loved ones. We feel that with proper assistance, your dementia-inflicted family members liked those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and memory-lapse illnesses can live an enriching, more fruitful life. That is why we join hands together with families and care providers by combining science with the personal human touch to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to cutting-edge dementia care.

We draw our inspiration from the most recent scientific findings while utilizing what experts on dementia care practiced to achieve our status as being the nation’s best memory care programs. Mariposa is in a class of its own, unrivaled by our competitors from the same field. So if you are among the millions of other Americans who are facing the same dilemma such as finding a caregiver for your loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory-related illnesses, rest assured that you are not alone anymore. Passing on this great and important responsibility to the right proper hands is the first step of not just making the life of your loved one better, but for you and other family members as well.

How SHINE® Memory Care Programs Provide Assistance to Seniors

At Mariposa, residents can socialize and blend in with the community where trained professionals will guide you based on your own, personal needs. We cater not only to a certain niche but to all those who are interested in our memory care service!
Look at it this way: You hire a professional financial advisor to plan for the future. You require a trained mechanic for repairing and maintenance works like your car or home air conditioner. You even visit a doctor or a certified health practitioner when you fall sick. So when it comes to providing premium-quality memory care for a loved one, your best bet is to choose a top-notch quality provider.

  • Excellent interaction with residents and families
  • Exclusive culinary experiences
  • Safe living environment
  • Lifestyle building programs

At Mariposa, we do not just provide you with beautiful living conditions. We combine the very best of science, technology, and personalization that is intertwined into every experience to bring a sensational and exclusive lifestyle quality that’s a hallmark of excellence to our living community for your loved ones.
From the formidable team members, who are trained specially to provide a more engaging interaction with residents and their families, to our culinary experience, which utilizes subtle sciences like sounds and colors to increase appetite, communication, consciousness, and engagement. Our community also makes use of team and individual activities, sensory experiences, and helps you to unwind quietly so as to encourage an everyday sense of enjoyment, a feeling of self-worth and acceptance, and individual satisfaction and achievement.

Our SHINE® Memory Care Program Leads The Way For An All-Inclusive Senior Wellness

Encouraging Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Celebrating each baby step towards achieving success at a single time
  • Encouraging engaging participation in every activity of daily life
  • Focusing on your capabilities rather than weaknesses
  • Promoting physical workout, developing mental activity, and helping to maintain the network between friends and religion

Serving Thoughtful, Satisfying Meals

  • Nutrient-fortified chef-prepared meals to promote general good health
  • Encourage active engagement during meals with the help provided as needed
  • Having meals in a relaxed and silent atmosphere altogether every day, allowing residents to concentrate on eating
  • “Food on the Run” for residents who are unable to concentrate when eating their meals or usually roam around

Planning Fun, Engaging Activities

  • Mariposa logoMotive-driven activities in minority groups or on an individual basis
  • Activities focused on residents current strengths and moment of the day
  • Activities that do not pit residents against one another, zero failures and age-relevant
  • Opportunities that rival residents’ concentration thoughts

Cultivating Friendships and Belonging

  • Active engagement and support in personal hygiene activities help balance the highest sense of control and non-dependent on their loved ones
  • Activities for personal hygiene that define how a person is seen by other like-minded people, their loved ones, and friends
  • Work or beneficial activities gives a sense of individual achievement and assurance
  • Play or relaxation activities encourage friendships and enjoyment for bringing up the standard of living

Perhaps most of all, though, our safe memory care neighborhood has been constructed from a sound and solid foundation for easy movement, so that residents can live in comfort and satisfaction.

Taken together, it’s all your loved one requires to live a happier and health-driven lifestyle and the ideal way to form an absolute worry-free mind for your family.

So do not hesitate, contact a Senior Lifestyle Counselor at 561.332.4899 today!

SHINE® Memory Care at Mariposa’s Retirement Community

You can depend on the memory care experts at Mariposa to provide long-term care in a pleasant environment filled with kindness and supervision. Our team gives one-to-one assistance with everyday living activities for the entire day to keep residents connected so that they can socialize actively with others, improving the quality of their lives altogether.

For more details on our SHINE® Memory Care Program and to experience “A Day in the Life” with us, please reach out to our lifestyle coordinator using our convenient digital form or by contacting 561.332.4899. It would be our joy to talk with you about your loved one’s individual lifestyle requirements. You can take a look at our community by booking a tour, and we are happy to answer any queries and address any worries you may have.

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