Each day at Mariposa will be filled with exciting activities and events. This creates endless possibilities for residents while giving them the opportunity to socialize with fellow members. We can start the day with a basic workout, after which residents can enjoy their coffee while eating breakfast and watching the news. Later in the day residents can enjoy live music, movies or attend interactive lectures. This is just a preview of the many activities that you will enjoy with us.

About Our Celebrations Activities Events

In addition to our onsite activities, we also provide offsite excursions where members will get an opportunity to tour nearby Lake Worth, visiting local shops, restaurants, museums, theaters, and other attractions. We maintain our own transport vehicles which are driven by professional chauffeurs so residents never have to worry about getting lost or going places by themselves.

Benefits of Having Celebrations Activities & Events in Your Retirement Community

Mariposa employs a full-time activities director who is responsible for planning both on and offsite events. This means that residents don’t have to concern themselves with planning sojourns themselves, which can be stressful particularly if a large number of people are involved. Thanks to our activities director, events will be planned in advance on behalf of residents and all they have to do is show up at the appointed time should they choose to.

Holidays are one of the most special times of the year and we create local events that residents can enjoy with each other and their extended families, which include shows, plays, and musicals. Our gourmet chefs can also prepare seasonal meals which are delicious, nutritious, and incredibly appetizing, and our staff can help members purchase or retrieve presents from their family members during Christmas.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

An upscale retirement community such as Mariposa is highly recommended for active retirees who are currently living alone due to the death of a spouse or because their relatives live far away. Becoming a member of our community gives them the opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and opens up many opportunities for friendship while preventing the loneliness and depression that come with solitary living. Furthermore, our staff is trained to provide daily assisted living activities for retirees who are less than active due to conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia and those who are recovering from a surgery or injury.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

Mariposa has become South Florida’s premier retirement destination. Our close proximity to the beach, the wonderful year-round weather, and the array of amenities set us apart from ordinary retirement centers, providing a resort-level lifestyle that they can never match. Our dwellings are elegant, furnished, and private, and we maintain a quiet atmosphere with a 24/7 security and assistance team that can cater to the needs of residents whenever they request it. We can also accommodate a variety of pets, so feel free to bring your furry friends!

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.