Physical fitness is a necessity for retirees that want to remain strong, active, and sharp during their golden years, and this is exactly what we provide at Mariposa through our Dimensions Health & Wellness system.

About Our Dimensions Health & Wellness

The program we offer is both all-inclusive and comprehensive, and aside from the physical benefits, it will also enhance the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social state of participants. We believe that wellness requires a conscious process that is self-directed and designed to help one achieve their potential, and this is the philosophy that drives us.

Benefits of Having Dimensions Health & Wellness in Your Retirement Community

Residents will work with physical therapists that can show them different ways to enhance both their bodies and minds. The techniques they use are holistic, multidimensional, and are all-encompassing. Everything we do is designed to be gradual, affirming, and positive.

In addition to the physical therapists, residents will also work with dietitians who will help them develop a meal plan which is healthy, delicious, and simple to follow. We recognize that even the world’s best wellness program will fail if it doesn’t include a dietary plan which is designed to maximize strength and vitality.

As retirees advance in age, some of them lose their sense of direction. Although they might have achieved great things in their professional lives, the void that comes with having nothing to do after retirement can lead to an emptiness that our wellness system is designed to fill by teaching self-control, determination, and giving their life a new purpose. Our activities are challenging, mentally stimulating, and creative.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Mariposa is the best place for retirees that want to maintain their strength and vitality for as long as possible, warding off the adverse effects of aging. Instead of seeing aging as a time of inevitable decline, they choose to view it as a celebration of life and all their accomplishments, and by partaking in our wellness program they will be able to prevent the gradual deterioration that afflicts so many in the 65+ age group.

Decades of bad habits leave many retirees in a poor state, even some who are financially prosperous. Some people spend so much time working and making lots of money that they neglect their health and wellness with potentially catastrophic consequences after the age of fifty, but by becoming a member of our community and following our wellness program you can overcome decades of neglect and abuse.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

Implementing a wellness-based approach can be effective for virtually every endeavor because it foments optimal living. Unlike the majority of retirement centers, our goal at Mariposa is not to take the money of residents and look after them until they pass on; we desire to help members achieve their maximum potential and enjoy life to the fullest in the best health state possible.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.