Relocating into a new community is challenging for people of all ages. They have to learn about the area, the location of the best restaurants and stores as well as local attractions. The wonderful thing about Mariposa is that we have long-time residents on-site called ambassadors who can act as community guides, welcoming new residents and making them feel comfortable.

About Our Ambassadors Club

Members of our Ambassadors Club are highly respected and will contact and meet with new residents, serving as a guide for days or even weeks if needed. They are considered community representatives and will address any concerns or questions new members have, accompanying them during meals and attending classes with them to ensure they feel embraced and welcomed.

Benefits of Having Ambassadors Club in Your Retirement Community

The primary benefit of our Ambassadors Club is to make new members feel at home as soon as possible. Moving into a new community and getting settled in is always challenging, and this is especially true for those in the 65+ age group, who have often lived in the same houses and neighborhoods for decades.

By assigning an ambassador for each new member, we show that we care about them and recognize the need of having someone on hand who can answer any questions they have while showing them the lay of the land. It also presents an opportunity to socialize where the ambassador can introduce the new member to other residents which can quickly lead to lifelong friendships and bonds.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Mariposa is highly recommended for both active elders as well as those who are mobility challenged due to injury, disease, or surgery recovery. We uphold a philosophy of not allowing physical limitations to prevent you from enjoying the golden years you deserve, and we employ physical therapists who can show retirees ways to work around their physical limitations so they can enjoy a fulfilling life.

Our community is also ideal for those that desire the companionship of others. Too many aging retirees are living alone and suffer from bouts of loneliness and depression. By joining Mariposa, they will live in an environment where they can socialize with others of the same age group, have fun, and engage in activities such as dancing, games, and various classes where they will have joy and excitement.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

Retirees all over Florida and beyond choose Mariposa because we provide a lavish lifestyle that no standard retirement community can ever match. Those who have had the pleasure of staying with us often compare our community to an upscale vacation resort and that is an accurate description given our weather, close proximity to the beach, and the many amenities we offer. However, Mariposa is more than that; it is a place where retirees are encouraged to maximize their physical and mental potential so they can live as long as possible in tranquility.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.