One of the most popular services offered by Mariposa is our Connections Transportation. It allows both new and longtime residents the opportunities to travel around Lake Worth, Florida without getting lost or having to drive themselves.

About Our Connections Transportation

We employ professional chauffeurs who will transport residents to and from their destination of choice in stylish, comfortable, and dependable vehicles. Some aging retirees have difficulties driving themselves around and even those who are still comfortable behind the wheel may not be familiar with the Lake Worth area, so having a driver on hand that can show them around is indispensable.

Benefits of Having Connections Transportation in Your Retirement Community

While driving themselves around helps retirees remain independent and mobile, research shows that their chances of getting into an accident are much higher than younger people, especially for those in the 75+ age group. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 8,000 people in this group are involved in fatal vehicular accidents annually, which translates into more than twenty crashes per day.

It is for this reason that retirees are recommended to hire a chauffeur, preferably a younger and skilled driver who can get them to and from their destination safely. Mariposa usually transports members via minivans or sport utility vehicles which can accommodate a group of people, but every vehicle we maintain is equipped with the latest safety features including multiple airbags and seatbelts for every passenger.

Our drivers are also prohibited from operating the vehicles in poor weather conditions unless an emergency requires it, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the Lake Worth area and can transport residents to multiple destinations and appointments on time.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

There are many reasons why aging retirees should take advantage of the transportation services we offer. Those in this age group often have a higher susceptibility to getting into accidents, often because of poor eyesight, compromised cognitive function, and physical changes. It is well known that those in the 65+ age group have slower reaction times when compared to younger people and this means it may take longer for them to make the rapid movements that can prevent their vehicle from colliding with another.

Finally, when you consider the fact that elders often have weaker immune systems when compared to younger people, even if they survive the crash itself, their ability to heal and recover won’t be as strong, and they could develop secondary infections which could threaten their lives. As you can see, relocating into a retirement community and taking advantage of the chauffeur services we offer is highly recommended.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?                                                                                                     

Not only do we transport members to and from their destination; we do so in style. The sport utility vehicles and minivans we use are clean, comfortable, and packed with state-of-the-art amenities such as climate control and leather upholstery, which ensures that passengers will remain relaxed for the duration of their journey.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.