Dementia is a condition that requires great flexibility and patience on the part of the caretaker. This is why the staff at Mariposa is professionally trained to use techniques that simplify the choices of patients to alleviate anxiety while ensuring they always live in an environment that is safe.

About Our Dementia Care

Our care is designed to minimize the impact of dementia as it progresses.  Those suffering from this condition might sometimes become exasperated when tasks that used to be simple become challenging. There are a number of different ways our team can ease this frustration, one of which is by creating a daily routine where residents can perform tasks such as medical meetings, bathing, or grooming at times when they are most alert and refreshed.

Benefits of Having Dementia Care in Your Retirement Community

Members of our team recognize that tasks involving dementia patients will often take longer than usual, and will compensate for this by scheduling extra time for them. We also provide breaks when carrying out these tasks.

Another benefit of residing in Mariposa is that our staff always involves the individual. Whereas standard retirement homes often try to do everything for those suffering from dementia, our team encourages residents to perform tasks on their own with minimal resistance. For example, someone suffering from dementia can often put on their own clothes if they are laid out and arranged for them.

We also believe in providing choices, but not so many that it overwhelms patients. For instance, our staff might give patients the choice of two options, such as two outfits to wear, two different dishes, or two types of games. Offering no more than two options is the best approach for those who have dementia.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

There are many families around the country who are caring for loved ones suffering from dementia, and while their efforts are admirable and well meaning, unless they are professionally trained it will be challenging to give their loved ones the proper care they deserve. And even if they can, the amount of time and energy needed to do so can adversely interfere with their own lives.

By relocating your relatives to Mariposa, they will live in an environment where they will be tended to by caretakers who are experienced in working with dementia patients. They provide simple communication that is easy to understand and will prevent extended daily naps since this increases the likelihood of the patient becoming confused about day versus night.

Why Choose Mariposa’s Retirement Community?

As time passes, those with dementia will require greater assistance. The best way to reduce frustration both for them and the caretaker is to place them in an environment where they will work with staff members that are trained and experienced. Our team at Mariposa is adaptable, patient, empathetic, and flexible. They can accommodate the needs of those suffering from dementia while ensuring the surrounding environment is hazard-free.

To learn more about living in Mariposa, feel free to contact us today.