When you choose senior living in Lantana by Mariposa, it isn’t just about the apartment that you live in, but also the environment that you will grow in. For many people, this involves resettling their entire family with their children and grandchildren. It is therefore important that there is a conducive environment for people of all ages to flourish.

About Lantana

Located in Palm Beach County, it is known for its beautiful eight-acre beach that was made famous by the “Barefoot Mailman”. On top of this, it is also a rejuvenated living area with many different lifestyle and entertainment options.

Recreational Parks in Lantana

For many older adults, there is nothing better than unwinding in nature. Here is a list of our favorite parks in Lantana.

  • Lantana Bicentennial Park: As a beautiful waterfront park, it is perfect for either a picnic or just a casual stroll. There are many amenities available like grills, a playground, bathrooms, and even a fishing pier for fishing enthusiasts. There are also event spaces that can be rented for larger gatherings.
  • Lantana Nature Preserve: Part of the nature preserve was once the town dump; however, it has since been reclaimed and established as a natural area. There is a range of different sceneries – ranging from mangroves to forests as you walk down the different trails. There is also a convenient parking lot for those who wish to drive to the nature preserve.

Popular Arts & Entertainment in Lantana

If you are interested in the cultural elements in Lantana, here are some places to check out!

  • Museum 66: For driving enthusiasts, this is an amazing location that displays a wide array of antique automobiles. On top of being able to see all these vintage cars, it is also a great option for private parties and events.
  • Lake Worth Street Painting Festival: This event is open to the public and free for anyone in the area. As the largest festival of this category, it is a great way to support local artists and their projects.

Recommended Dining and Shopping Outlets in Lantana

For those who just want a peaceful day out shopping and dining, there are also many different options as listed below.

  • Shoppes of Boynton: This shopping plaza has a wide array of different restaurants and stores for everything that you need.
  • Finders Keepers: A thrift store located along Hypoluxo Rd, they carry a wide array of unique, quality vintage items.

Best Schools in Lantana

Lantana is not only a great place for retirement, but it is also a center for top public schools.

  • Palm Beach Maritime Academy: By integrating marine science and maritime studies with the Florida education standards, this school has a unique approach to learning that features different hands-on experiences.
  • Starlight Cove Elementary School: An inclusive school that is dedicated to supporting its students and having them feel welcome in the learning environment.

Why Choose Mariposa?

On top of the area’s attractions, the senior living community itself in Mariposa is amongst the best for older adults around the country. With a focus on resort-style living, you can be sure that you will be able to truly focus on the things that mean the most to you without having to worry about chores or maintenance.

To learn more about our senior living programs at Mariposa, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!