If you are looking to settle down in Florida, Atlantis is by far one of the best city options. With a large range of different services to suit different lifestyles, our community has established a stable foundation for living well better.

About Atlantis

Having been established as one of the best cities to live within Florida, Atlantis in Palm Beach County is a beautiful suburban community with many natural parks and options to explore.

Recreational Parks in Atlantis

There are many options to enjoy outdoors in Atlantis, but here are a few of our top picks.

  • Kintz Park: Open from dawn to dusk, this park is open for public use, and you can be sure to find something to enjoy for the whole family. There are also facilities that can be reserved for private events and celebrations.
  • John Prince Park: With multiple entrances located around the park, it is extremely accessible. This is great as it is an amazing park with a large exercise area, nature trails, dog park, canoeing access, and even picnic pavilions, shelters, and areas with grills.

Popular Arts & Entertainment in Atlantis

If you prefer cultural activities to being out in nature, here are some options to consider.

  • Swap Shop: This is an amazing flea market and drive-in movie theatre for those who are looking for a unique experience that is different from your conventional cinema.
  • Guy Bavli – Master of The Mind: An interesting mentalist performance where you can witness Guy Bavli perform acts of telekinesis with engaging audience interactions.

Recommended Dining and Shopping Outlets in Atlantis

When you have worked up an appetite, here are the best dining and shopping locations to visit.

  • Happy Lavash Inspired Mediterranean: Made from scratch every single day, this store offers food made from people who truly love Mediterranean food and who are dedicated to sharing the culture in the best form possible.
  • Holy Hog Barbecue: Serving authentic American barbecue, you can be sure to enjoy a wide variety of amazing meats and sides. More importantly, the restaurant is firmly committed to building a community and bringing the best food to the area.

Best Schools in Atlantis

If you are planning to move the entire family over, there are also amazing schools that take pride in student excellence.

  • Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of The Arts: As a top rated magnet school, it has produced excellent results in academics, health, and safety, as well as college prep on top of being an overall amazing learning environment.
  • Suncoast Community High School: As one of the most diverse public schools in the region, the school creates opportunities for each student to truly live up to their potential.

Why Choose Mariposa?

At Mariposa, we believe that living well isn’t just about physical health. It is also about living a life that is full of purpose, enrichment, independence, dignity, and happiness. On top of selecting a location that is conducive for long-term growth, we also offer a diverse range of programs to ensure that all our residents can truly make the most of their golden years.

To find out more about the different senior living programs at Mariposa, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!